Multicultural Books, are they in your library?

As a child I loved to read books set in exotic locations. The books were a vehicle, transporting me to locales outside of the inner city neighborhoods of my youth. Reading about cultures outside of my own demonstrated the similarities of life we all share. I remember the first time I read, The Diary of Anne Frank.  I was awed by the similarities between The Holocaust and Slavery. It solidified my understanding that we all possess the same human emotions.  I remember reading, Esperanza Rising in a book club with a group of 10 year old girls. It is a coming of age tale set in Mexico. The family of the main character flees a life of wealth, for migrant farming in California. During the course of the book the girls discussed the pride and respect they developed for the main character.  They respected her ability to adapt to a new situation while learning about her inner strengths. Multicultural Books can dispel stereotypes and build respect. There were a couple of girls in the book club who were of Hispanic heritage. It was a prideful moment to see someone in their image over come obstacles and persevere.  Are there Multicultural Books in your library?  Be wary of Multicultural Books that tell a single story. We want to be sure the books show every aspect of the human condition.

Click link below for a list of over 200 Multicultural Books to include in your library.


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