The Curriculum Shuffle

The landscape of education is ever changing. We live in a dynamic world, and education is one of the many industries in a constant whirlpool. When is change too much?  The education system is plagued with failing schools, failing students, charter schools and reform, reform, reform!  Despite all the changes, many things still remain the same. The Education Gap is widening, Charter Schools are growing exponentially, and Public Education is constantly the topic of political debate.

Curriculum is always the target of reform.  Every two or three years curriculum takes center stage. How well curriculum is performing comes into question. The answer more often than not is change in some form. Either changes in the structure, the structure of the content, or the content itself. Change in itself, is not a bad thing.  The content and structure of curriculum should shift to adjust to our every changing world. With all the constant shuffling, one has to question the sufficient inquiry, that should precede such dramatic alterations. Adequate time needs to be allotted for educators to explore and define their learning of new methods and techniques. Without the proper inquiry and training, frustration can and often does occur.

With the constant changes, many questions go unanswered. What is the learning curve for students? Have students been given time to have meaningful learning experiences? When does one question effectiveness? Maybe Curriculum in itself should not be the only changes that occur. Maybe they are other factors to explore.


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