The Impact of Morning Meetings

A few years ago my school introduced a room full of reluctant and overwhelmed classroom teachers to the concept of Morning Meetings.  I was not alone in the visualization of schedule changes and incomplete lessons that may come with this new initiative. I thought to my self, “Not another book to read while cooking dinner for my family”.

A “Morning Meeting” is a whole class gathering.  The rationale behind the concept is that it builds community and provides the opportunity for character education.  It serves as a positive springboard to the Day. There are 4 components to the meeting ; greeting, share, activity, and morning message. The meeting should be between 15 and 20 minutes in duration.

After months of trial and error and successes and a few failures, the benefits of Morning Meetings began to take shape in my classroom.  One huge benefits is that it provides students the opportunity to develop social skills necessary to navigate our ever changing world. Character Building is necessary for creating a classroom climate conducive to learning.  There is no time in most academic curriculums solely dedicated to model and develop positive character traits in students .  Teachers often lament  about the lack of manners and social skills in their students.  Morning Meetings provides an opportunity to nurture positive  behavioral traits.

In the meetings students greet each other. They may shake hands or smile. It gives students a moment to focus on their behavior in social situations. During the share session, students often share about their lives outside of the classroom.  This provides students insight to the commonalities we all share as humans.  Students listen, ask questions and sometimes compliment and connect with the speaker.   The activity aspect of the meeting serves as a great opportunity to build classroom community. Students interact and connect together as a team. Students learn the acceptable  behaviors necessary to work with others.  The teacher can also participate in the activity.  This fosters a positive teacher-student relationship. The last aspect  of the meeting is the message.  It can be used to inform students of the days events.  The message can also be an opportunity to share new concept that might be explored that day.

There are so many benefits of having Morning Meeting with your students. It builds better relationships between students. It also foster a positive relationship between the teacher and students .  In order for students to meet the behavioral and academic expectations put forth, relationships needs to exist.  Another great benefit, it allows students time to develop important social skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century.  Give Morning Meetings a try it will change the tone of your classroom.

Click link to read more about Morning Meetings:

Click link below for Morning Meeting games and activities.


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