5 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month in your classroom

March 8, is Women’s International Day around the world. In 1987 under the Reagan Administration March was officially declared National Women’s History Month in the United States.

Why should we celebrate Women’s History Month.  In most classrooms, history  lessons focus on politics, military or business endeavors.  Which usually exclude women and their contributions to society. Celebrating Women’s History Month serves as a vehicle not to rewrite history but to explore the lost history of women.  Examining the contributions of women and the issues that affect women in society creates an atmosphere of tolerance.  Ignorance leads to bias and discrimination.  Studying the contributions of all members of society is important to maintaining a world that respects all citizens.

The National Women’s History Month 2017 theme “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business”.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month in your classroom.

1. Students will read about the life of Trailblazing Women in history. Students will then create a commemorative Postage Stamp to honor the woman in history. Postage Stamps can be used as a bulletin board or make a classroom scrapbook of  Trailblazing Women.

Click link below for free Women’s History Month Commemorative Postage Stamp lesson plan and Stamp template.


2. Students will research a  Notable Women in History. Students will then dress up as Notable Woman and create a Real life “Wax Museum.”  Students can invite parents and other classes to visit students on display. Great way to reinforce home-school connection.

3. Students will learn about first by Women. For Example, the first woman in Congress, first in space, first to win a Nobel Prize, etc. Students will then create a  Postage Stamp( link in #1) or poster of the famous first.

Click link for History Channel’s Famous First in Women’s History.


4. Teaching history. Org: Great Resource for educators. Printable, quizzes. Every thing for an extensive study of Women’s History.
5. NEA list of activities for grades K-5 to celebrate Women’s History Month.



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