The Power of Poetry 

Poetry is often viewed as beautiful and enlightening and held in very high esteem. Despite this perception, poetry lags behind its literary counterparts in sales and popularity. Poetry is not a popular purchasing choice. It is often seen as something to be studied, academic. Despite this fact, poetry is woven into our every days lives. From Instagram caption, twitter feeds, and rap music, poetry permeates our existence.  Millennials, the youth of today, are a unique mix of very few words and strong visual imagery.  This is poetry!

The study of poetry and poetry writing is a part of most curriculum. However, the study of poetry in many classroom is often rushed or abandoned all together.  Poetry is often put on the back burner. This is such a shame. Poetry has many benefits in the classroom. Here are a few:

  • The Rhyme and Rhythm of poetry is great for teaching language, spelling patterns and phonemic awareness. Dr. Seuss’s poems covers a wide range of rhyme and rhythm. Click links for printable Dr. Seuss quotes.
  • Poetry offers another reading option. Poetry covers a wide variety of subject matter and themes. Poetry can enhance History and Science curriculum. Click links for history and science poems.
  • Poetry is great first step for beginning writers. The short prose is less intimidating.  Writing short poems is a great precursor to paragraph writing.
  • Poetry is great for teaching parts of speech. Poetry uses vivid adjectives, nouns, and verbs. It’s great for teaching the power of description.
  • Poetry can cover many reading strategies and can be used for instruction. Identifying the theme, point of view, and mood are a few of the strategies that poetry covers. Click link for Reading Rockets article, on using poetry to teach reading.

Try and incorporate poetry in your classroom the benefits are endless.

Click link for Free Poetry Analysis Doodle Note.             Poet of The Day:  Jack Prelutsky



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