Humans have been playing games since the beginning of time. People of all ages enjoy playing games that are motivating and fun! Math Games can be especially useful in the classroom for reinforcing concepts. They provide independent thinking opportunities.  Games also allows students, the opportunity to deepen their mathematical reasoning skills.  Students have the opportunity to recognize patterns, Place value, and number combinations.  Games can also strengthen the home-school connection.  Families can play games at home, that reinforce math concepts taught in the classroom . Thus, providing the opportunity for fluency practice. Educators should provide repeated opportunities for games in the classroom. Students will learn new strategies, deepen their conceptual understanding, and strengthen their computation fluency.

I’m always looking for new and innovative games for my math class.  I look for games that provide fun, while reinforcing concepts. I especially like for a game to incorporate a variety of math concepts. Game-Set-Math covers everything on my checklist!  

Game-Set-Math utilizes numbered tennis ball to engage all learners. The brightly colored balls will replace your old number lines. Each bag comes complete with 15 interactive games.

Visit their website for more information on how to bring this exciting game to your classroom. 

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Watch video preview of game:

Click link for Free Multiplication Game:


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