Stick it in the doh!

As a 5th grade math teacher, I’m always looking for ways to differentiate my instruction.  One way to do that is through games.  Stick it in the doh is a game that can be played with 2-4 players.  This is a great way to learn and master the multiplication facts. It can be used all school year. It is really quick and simple to make,and super fun to play!

Supplies to create game:

Jumbo craft sticks, mini clothespins, circle labels, Play-doh, a pair of scissors, and a marker. 

The Jumbo crafts sticks are 75 in a pack for about $2.50 at Walmart.  These were needed specifically to fit the multiplication tables.  A variety of Craft sticks are always available for $1 at Dollartree. The mini clothespins are 40 for $1, at Dollartree. The labels were $.49 for 300, in Shoprite. I always go through the stationary aisle while in the market, you never know what you will find. 

The first circle label  names the multiplication facts outlined on the craft stick. The picture on the left above highlights the multiples of 3, 0-12. The circle labels are then cut in half and multiples are written in marker on half labels and placed in order on the craft stick. I also created my own number cubes for this game  ( 1-6, 7-12 ). The wooden cubes were 36 for $1, at Dollartree.

The game on right are the multiples of ten ,1-10.  An alternate version of Stick it in the doh. For this game create number cubes 1-5,and a free choice space. The other cube 6-10, and a free choice space.

How to play game:

Each player has their own copy of the same multiplication fact craft stick, in this case each player has the multiples of 3, 2-4 players. Players place stick in Playdoh, to stand them up. Players begin by clipping the 0, and review the 0 Fact. That is a free space. Players take turns rolling Number cube and decide which number they will choose to clip. For example, player rolls a 3 and a 6. Player can clip 9 or an 18 (3×3=9, 6×3=18).  Player can only clips one number per roll.  The object of the game is to have 4 pins in a row. If player rolls and numbers are already chosen, player loses a turn. Next player rolls. First player to clip four in a row is the winner. 

Click link below and watch video clip of how to create and play Stick it in the doh.:

This game can be differentiated for many math concepts. It can be used for counting by 5s, 10s, 100s and so much more. 

Over the next few weeks I will highlight different games that may be useful for your students. Subscribe to my Blog and YouTube Channel to get alerts of new content. 


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