Craft Stick Puzzles 

Craft stick Puzzles are super easy to make and can be used for a variety of concepts. As a fifth grade math teacher, I have used them to order decimals, multiples and for ordering fractions. They also can be used for other concepts such as ordering whole number, factors of a specific number and so on. Craft stick Puzzles can also be used in reading. They can be used for word families, alphabetical order, or letter sounds. The list goes on and on, the choice is yours.

Supplies for Puzzles:

Craft sticks, tape, scissors, pencil, a ruler, circle labels and copy of image for puzzle.

To make Puzzles, place craft sticks over image to determine how many craft sticks will be need. Outline craft sticks with pencil to determine where to cut. Cut out image, and place a craft stick on back on image, to label where to cut for first puzzle piece. Cut all strips to fit craft sticks. When all strips are cut, tape strips on craft stick, and place a circle label on the bottom. Complete all craft sticks and puzzle is complete. Now you are free to determine what skill will be the focus of your puzzle. Labels are used to write skills. Labels can be removed and Puzzles can be used over and over for a variety of concepts. Now your students are ready to play. Students should shuffle sticks before playing. Students complete the task on labels and check picture to make sure correct.  I hope your students enjoy this playful learning activity.

Watch video clip of how to create Craft Stick Puzzles. Click link below:


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